Want to make that intersection safer? Remove all the traffic signals

I‘m a big fan of Ben Hamilton-Baillie, the British urban space designer and traffic engineer who specializes in “reconciling traffic movement with quality public spaces in cities, towns and villages.” I mentioned him a couple of weeks ago in a post about how double-parked delivery trucks are maybe not such a bad … Continue reading

It wasn’t blackface after all. It was blueface. (It still wasn’t okay.)

This is a long post. There’s lots of ground to cover. I hope it addresses all the concerns people have brought up since yesterday’s post exploded via social media, but it may require more dialogue. Just know at the outset: I’ve been up all night writing this follow-up post, and … Continue reading

AMA: Why does the city let my car be slowed down?

Q: Are there or are there not any local ordinances that prohibit delivery trucks and moving trucks on main roads during rush hour? If not, why not? If we do, why aren’t they enforced? We should not have Walnut or College restricted to a single lane due to two delivery trucks on … Continue reading