Ordinance: vetoed. Veto: overridden.

Did I mention that the ordinance I authored earned the mayor’s veto? Just as I was anticipating the establishment of a new Bloomington Parking Commission in the last post, I was taken aback by Mayor Hamilton’s announcement that he refused to sign Ordinance 16-22. The Mayor’s response on Nov. 11, in … Continue reading

More regarding the administration’s new parking management plan

The 2002 Bloomington Growth Policies Plan. How should our garden grow? The GPP is the consensus document developed by the people of Bloomington. It is currently being updated (expected release date: 2014). For now, the 2002 version continues to drive our decision making. Vision Statement. This portion is the philosophical … Continue reading

More regarding the administration’s new parking management plan; regarding the right of college students to vote

“Future looks good for parking garage”, Steve Hinnefeld, Herald-Times, June 22, 1988. Describes the status of the second public parking garage ever built by the city (and the oldest garage still standing): Opened in December 1986. Cost: $3 million. Paid for by property tax bond issue — taxpayers throughout the … Continue reading

Regarding the administration’s new parking management plan

Originally posted 2013.01.23W; Updated 2013.02.04M Chapter 1 of The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup. This seminal book is the theory behind the mayor’s plan. The City of Bloomington 2007 Parking Study by Walker Parking. The City of Bloomington 2012 Parking Study Update by Walker Parking. B-TOP parking … Continue reading