The very basics of the Bloomington metro area

Here is the Monroe County Courthouse, the very heart of downtown Bloomington. ¬†   Bloomington (70,000) is the only “city” in Monroe County (120,000), and the county seat. The next largest population center is Ellettsville (5,000), which is too small to be a city and so is called a “town.” … Continue reading

The very basics of how Bloomington’s city council works

Bloomington’s nine councilmembers meet in regular session twice monthly, on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 7:30 pm.¬† It may seem like we meet more often than that. That’s because we do. Let me explain. Any item we consider — an ordinance, an appropriation ordinance (not the … Continue reading

Is the council nit-picking…or is the newspaper cherry-picking?

It’s a little premature for me to post this, as I haven’t finished introducing the blog as a whole. But here’s my first article of any substance in the new year. It’s a guest column to Bloomington’s daily newspaper, the Herald-Times, about their tendency to editorialize and to trivialize local … Continue reading

The very basics of cities in Indiana

Indiana has three classes of cities. There is only one “first-class” city, which is defined simply as being more than 250,000 population. That city is Indianapolis, also the state capital. It has a mayor and a 25-person city council. Then there are “second-” and “third-class” cities. Second-class cities must be … Continue reading