“Changeling,” streetcars, and “Traffic”

Tonight I saw the new movie “Changeling,” starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie is set in Los Angeles in the late Twenties and early Thirties. One of the most remarkable features of the movie for me was the predominance of streetcars, particularly how unremarkably they occupy … Continue reading

Results of last week’s meeting(s)

Normally on Wednesdays I’ll write a preview of the Council meeting that night. Since tonight is the night before Thanksgiving, instead I’ll preview/review highlights of last week’s combined regular-session and committee-of-the-whole meeting. Among other things… 1. We voted in favor of vacating several overlooked alleys on the grounds of Fairview … Continue reading

Coughing through Budget Week

David R. Grubb is back to visit us. It’s an unusual week here at City Council. Normally we meet Wednesday nights at 7:30, but¬†this week we’ve been hearing the proposal from each city department for the 2009 budget, so we’re meeting at 6pm each night this week. (Monday’s meeting, the … Continue reading

Two types of Council meetings, and the obscure difference between them

The Bloomington City Council meets weekly, on Wednesday nights at 7:30. While these meetings are always open to the public as a matter of course, how one gets to participate depends on what week of the month it is. Regular-strength and concentrated That’s because there are two kinds of Council … Continue reading

The chicken who came to Council to roost: FAQ

Yes, it’s true: I entered the Council Chambers after last week’s meeting began, and took my seat as an elected member of that august body…clad head-to-toe in a chicken suit, which I wore the entire meeting. The photo’s caption: “Chicken Little? In observance of the Bloomington City Council’s discussion on … Continue reading

Getting your questions asked in a Council meeting

I chaired the July 27th budget meeting, the last of four over four straight nights. There wasn’t a single public comment on any section of the budget, which we have been reviewing one department at a time. Virtually no member of the public attended in person. I’m surprised. You’ve heard … Continue reading