Bloomington has grown since decade one

Bloomington’s always been a small town, right? There must’ve been a long period, you think, when nothing much about it changed. And certainly Bloomington has always been dominated by IU students. They’ve always been a huge part of the city’s life. Right? But then you look at the numbers. Bloomington’s bicentennial … Continue reading

AMA: How does affordable housing get built?

Above: While the 1950s-era chalet (and the original home of Food Truck Friday) is going away, the Chocolate Moose will return to this spot in 2017. (Photo: What happened to no new luxury apartment construction until we had affordable housing development? I have been renting for 6 years in … Continue reading

Questions on the 2015 city budget: a snapshot of Bloomington

Summertime means budget time in Bloomington city government. Since my tenure began in 2004, to consider the proposal which the Administration brings forward, Council has held four consecutive weeknights of hearings, at which the Mayor and the heads of each department present their requests, and then Councilmembers ask questions and take … Continue reading

Fraternities, IU, and historic city neighborhoods

The Dark Power of Fraternities: A yearlong investigation of Greek houses reveals their endemic, lurid, and sometimes tragic problems — “and a sophisticated system for shifting the blame.” An article on fraternities in light of the debate over the Fiji house and IU’s intent to relocate it destructively to University … Continue reading

City of Bloomington Sanitation Collection Data 2004-2012

City of Bloomington Sanitation Data 2004-2012. Before 2004, the City disposed of its unrecycled trash at the Monroe County Landfill at a rate of $28/ton. The Landfill, a distance of about 12 miles from downtown Bloomington, closed in mid-2004; since then, the City has availed itself of the next nearest … Continue reading

IURC recommends new area code 463 for southern Indiana

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission just issued this news release today. I feel like a proud papa. IURC News Release Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission 101 W. Washington St. Suite 1500 E. Indianapolis, IN 46204 For Immediate Release April 19, 2013 Contact Information: Danielle McGrath | (317) 232-2297   IURC Requests … Continue reading

More regarding the administration’s new parking management plan

The 2002 Bloomington Growth Policies Plan. How should our garden grow? The GPP is the consensus document developed by the people of Bloomington. It is currently being updated (expected release date: 2014). For now, the 2002 version continues to drive our decision making. Vision Statement. This portion is the philosophical … Continue reading

More regarding the administration’s new parking management plan; regarding the right of college students to vote

“Future looks good for parking garage”, Steve Hinnefeld, Herald-Times, June 22, 1988. Describes the status of the second public parking garage ever built by the city (and the oldest garage still standing): Opened in December 1986. Cost: $3 million. Paid for by property tax bond issue — taxpayers throughout the … Continue reading

Regarding the administration’s new parking management plan

Originally posted 2013.01.23W; Updated 2013.02.04M Chapter 1 of The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup. This seminal book is the theory behind the mayor’s plan. The City of Bloomington 2007 Parking Study by Walker Parking. The City of Bloomington 2012 Parking Study Update by Walker Parking. B-TOP parking … Continue reading