“Alternative” transportation: a phrase that’s bad for you

What does that adjective mean, anyway…”alternative”? Because when I think about it, I just find it insulting. Bloomington created an Alternative Transportation & Greenways System Plan (the ATGSP, a mouthful of an acronym) a few years ago. It troubles itself only with bicycling routes and pedestrian paths like trails. That word … Continue reading

“Changeling,” streetcars, and “Traffic”

Tonight I saw the new movie “Changeling,” starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie is set in Los Angeles in the late Twenties and early Thirties. One of the most remarkable features of the movie for me was the predominance of streetcars, particularly how unremarkably they occupy … Continue reading

Results of last week’s meeting(s)

Normally on Wednesdays I’ll write a preview of the Council meeting that night. Since tonight is the night before Thanksgiving, instead I’ll preview/review highlights of last week’s combined regular-session and committee-of-the-whole meeting. Among other things… 1. We voted in favor of vacating several overlooked alleys on the grounds of Fairview … Continue reading