Coughing through Budget Week

David R. Grubb is back to visit us. It’s an unusual week here at City Council. Normally we meet Wednesday nights at 7:30, but¬†this week we’ve been hearing the proposal from each city department for the 2009 budget, so we’re meeting at 6pm each night this week. (Monday’s meeting, the … Continue reading

Two types of Council meetings, and the obscure difference between them

The Bloomington City Council meets weekly, on Wednesday nights at 7:30. While these meetings are always open to the public as a matter of course, how one gets to participate depends on what week of the month it is. Regular-strength and concentrated That’s because there are two kinds of Council … Continue reading

Getting your questions asked in a Council meeting

I chaired the July 27th budget meeting, the last of four over four straight nights. There wasn’t a single public comment on any section of the budget, which we have been reviewing one department at a time. Virtually no member of the public attended in person. I’m surprised. You’ve heard … Continue reading

The very basics of how Bloomington’s city council works

Bloomington’s nine councilmembers meet in regular session twice monthly, on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 7:30 pm.¬† It may seem like we meet more often than that. That’s because we do. Let me explain. Any item we consider — an ordinance, an appropriation ordinance (not the … Continue reading