AMA: Yes, student, you should register to vote where you go to college

Q: I’m a college student. Should I vote in the place where I’m going to college?      — Not From These Here Parts The short answer A: Everyone over the age of 18 should register to vote. Yes, you should register to vote where you’re living right now. Yes, if … Continue reading

How to start your own town, Hoosier-style

Last week, in addressing what Bloomington could do to see more “affordable” housing built, I wrote this: Council has some authority, but not that much in a country called the United “States” of America, whose provinces have significantly more power than do provinces in other countries.Our Constitution mentions neither cities nor any other … Continue reading

The very basics of how Bloomington’s city council works: update

Wednesday nights are Council meeting nights, and they can go on. Last night’s committee of the whole was not too long, at only 3 hours and 45 minutes. Despite being a night owl, I’m not keen on writing after meetings. I also have to admit that my first efforts at blogging here about … Continue reading

Bloomington has grown since decade one

Bloomington’s always been a small town, right? There must’ve been a long period, you think, when nothing much about it changed. And certainly Bloomington has always been dominated by IU students. They’ve always been a huge part of the city’s life. Right? But then you look at the numbers. Bloomington’s bicentennial … Continue reading

“Changeling,” streetcars, and “Traffic”

Tonight I saw the new movie “Changeling,” starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie is set in Los Angeles in the late Twenties and early Thirties. One of the most remarkable features of the movie for me was the predominance of streetcars, particularly how unremarkably they occupy … Continue reading

Coughing through Budget Week

David R. Grubb is back to visit us. It’s an unusual week here at City Council. Normally we meet Wednesday nights at 7:30, but¬†this week we’ve been hearing the proposal from each city department for the 2009 budget, so we’re meeting at 6pm each night this week. (Monday’s meeting, the … Continue reading

The very basics of the Bloomington metro area

Here is the Monroe County Courthouse, the very heart of downtown Bloomington. ¬†   Bloomington (70,000) is the only “city” in Monroe County (120,000), and the county seat. The next largest population center is Ellettsville (5,000), which is too small to be a city and so is called a “town.” … Continue reading