AMA: How to follow an item through City Council

Q: What’re the first steps someone needs to take to get involved in local government? And do you need to be affiliated with a party? — Citizen Newbie A: Newbie, I’m going to dodge the intent of this question, which is how to participate personally in the electoral process. But that gives … Continue reading

AMA: Why does the city let my car be slowed down?

Q: Are there or are there not any local ordinances that prohibit delivery trucks and moving trucks on main roads during rush hour? If not, why not? If we do, why aren’t they enforced? We should not have Walnut or College restricted to a single lane due to two delivery trucks on … Continue reading

AMA: How does affordable housing get built?

Above: While the 1950s-era chalet (and the original home of Food Truck Friday) is going away, the Chocolate Moose will return to this spot in 2017. (Photo: What happened to no new luxury apartment construction until we had affordable housing development? I have been renting for 6 years in … Continue reading

I’m a city councilmember in America; ask me anything

After another long, fog-filled hiatus, Councilmanic is back, with a new sense of purpose, a new look, and a new web address. Not to mention a new mission: to demystify local government by answering your direct questions. It’s a consumer- no, call it a citizen-affairs column.* Part of the problem I’ve … Continue reading