My name is Stephen Volan. I live in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, where I’ve been a member of the city council since 2004. I serve the Sixth District — the only one which does not touch the edges of the city; it’s the central district which includes downtown Bloomington and a significant part of the campus of Indiana University. This blog is devoted to thinking about the business of being a municipal legislator here, and to addressing issues that cities (and to a lesser extent, counties) around the country have in common. Partly it was to reach out to constituents; partly it was to reach out to people interested in discussing good ideas about local government.

So, here’s Councilmanic. It’s the adjective used in Indiana state law to describe seats on municipal legislative bodies. And it implies that one must be a little crazy to delve into such matters. (I’m still asking myself about this job…what was I thinking?)

2016 Update: As of this writing, the blog is more than a decade old. My output in the first ten years is best described as “sparse.” In early September I overhauled the whole site, gave it a facelift, and have resumed writing regularly. While I can’t guarantee precision or regularity, my goal is to post two to three times a week. Wish me luck, and help me out with your questions and feedback.

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