A decade later, the chicken suit lives on


It’s been a busy month, faithful readers. To ease my way back into the writing habit, I bring you an anniversary treasure: ten years ago today, I wrote on this blog about wearing a chicken suit to a city council meeting. Most of the content is up-to-date.

Not all of it, though. I’ve often said that I feel I need to do something more significant than this before I die, because otherwise this photo will be the lead image in my obituary. But at the rate that the Internet past is eroding — many of the links in the original story no longer work and are completely irreproducible — I might not have to worry. (Video links on the page still work, but you’ll need RealPlayer — CATStv.net hasn’t upgraded that old video to a more modern format as of this writing.) Nevertheless, I think about how best to transcend this particular 15 minutes of fame.

Whatever happened to chicken ownership in the city, you ask? Well, that’s interesting. At the end of 2011, Councilmember Isabel Piedmont-Smith, ending the tenure of her first term, succeeded in passing legislation that would make chicken ownership even less troublesome. Her ordinance eliminated the $25 license fee for keeping chickens, and removed other excessive restrictions from the 2006 ordinance. There was, in fact, nothing to fear: people adopted chickens and the city didn’t go up in flames. (I’m happy to report that, after a one-term hiatus, Isabel won reelection to the Council and is serving with me again this term.)

Geoff McKim, the guy who dared me to don the suit, has become the leading intellectual light on the Monroe County Council. He writes, much more faithfully than me, at an excellent blog about county government in Indiana that you should be reading. He has also learned not to challenge me to do silly things.

P.S.: Sorry about this picture…I know you can’t unsee it. But in the age of Trump, I figure this is tame stuff.



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