City of Bloomington Sanitation Collection Data 2004-2012

City of Bloomington Sanitation Data 2004-2012. Before 2004, the City disposed of its unrecycled trash at the Monroe County Landfill at a rate of $28/ton. The Landfill, a distance of about 12 miles from downtown Bloomington, closed in mid-2004; since then, the City has availed itself of the next nearest permitted waste facility, the transfer station owned and operated by Republic Services south of the City. Republic hauls the City’s trash to its landfill at Sycamore Ridge near Terre Haute, a trip of approximately 60 miles one-way. The next nearest transfer station, operated by Rumpke, is in Medora, IN, about 40 miles one-way.

  • Rows of data asterisked in the link above have been verified by COB Director of Public Works Susie Johnson.
  • The rebate per ton of fiber is an estimate, but according to Johnson has never exceeded $5/ton; it is listed to acknowledge that the City has received a modest rebate for the paper and cardboard it collected from curbside. Total Cost of Disposal is thus an estimate, as is Average Cost Per Ton, although both are reliably close to actual numbers.
  • 2013 data is not yet available. To demonstrate the impact of Republic price increases in 2014, 2012 tonnage data was used.

Market prices for recyclable materials, October 5, 2012. The link illustrates recent market prices for recyclable materials. Midwest prices for fiber (mixed paper like the City picks up curbside) ranged between $30 and $45/ton. In contrast, Republic has only ever offered the City $5/ton.



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