The last quiet day of the year

A week ago, Saturday, August 13, was as quiet as it gets in Bloomington without it being a holiday. IU classes wouldn’t begin for two more weeks. By Monday the 29th, the full impact of 42,000 students on this city of 80,000 would be evident to all.

Which is why Saturday, August 13 was worth contemplating.

All the bars were active on Walnut Street downtown. They just weren’t swamped with noisy interlopers. Everyone at them, no matter what state they used to be from, were Bloomingtonians, enjoying August’s unseasonably seasonable temperatures in the low 80s.

For students who live here even one summer, Bloomington becomes a much more real place — a place where people live. Students discover that there’s more to do in town than they thought, that they have lives, that they’re living them here, in this place which is supposed to be temporary, a hotel, a waiting room, Not the Real World.

In June, any student that had illusions about Bloomington not being like the real world lost them when the Lauren Spierer story broke. We still don’t know yet what happened to her. As long as her parents are in town looking for her



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