The very basics of the Bloomington metro area

Here is the Monroe County Courthouse, the very heart of downtown Bloomington.



Bloomington (70,000) is the only “city” in Monroe County (120,000), and the county seat. The next largest population center is Ellettsville (5,000), which is too small to be a city and so is called a “town.” The only other population center incorporated in Monroe County (in other words, measured by the Census) is Stinesville (200).¬†

In 2000, the Census Bureau determined that Greene and Owen Counties are part of the Bloomington metropolitan area, because a significant percentage (I think more than 25%) of residents of those counties commute to work in Bloomington. Thus, the metropolitan area of Bloomington is now somewhere around 180,000. (The city’s government, of course, only has jurisdiction within the city’s limits.)

And yes, the figure on the weathervane top of the Courthouse is a fish. That’s a long story.

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