About Councilmanic

I‘m a sitting councilman in Bloomington, Indiana USA. Since before I took office two years ago, I’ve been thinking about publishing a blog to articulate my experiences and work out my thoughts as a municipal officeholder. Partly it was to reach out to my constituents; partly it was to reach out to people people around the country and around the world to get and discuss good ideas with them.

I got sidetracked by lots of things, not the least of which was the simple gravity of the task of learning how to blog, and keeping up with “feeding the kitty.” (People in the publishing biz refer to the task of filling the newshole. The kitty is insatiable and must be fed only as much as necessary.)

On Monday, the nation celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. The federal holiday’s theme has become “A Day On, Not a Day Off.” Halfway through my term, I felt like it was finally time to take the bull by the horns. I have a couple of years in office under my belt. I have an idea what’s going on, how our city works. And it looks like blogging isn’t quite as complex as I expected. (Although it took Two Days “On” just to research the right blog setup.)

So, here’s Councilmanic. It’s the adjective used in Indiana state law to describe seats on municipal legislative bodies. And it implies that one would have to be a little crazy to delve in such matters. (I’m still asking myself about this job…what was I thinking?) Wish me luck, and help me out.



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